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Conversion of shares

Holders of  Electrolux Professional class A shares shall have the right to require that class A shares are converted to class B shares. Request for conversion shall be made in writing to the Board of Directors of the company. The request shall state the number of shares to be converted and, if the request does not involve the entire holding, which of these are intended for conversion.

Please note that the request for conversion form can only be used for shareholders who have their holdings directly registered in Euroclear Sweden AB, i.e. shares held in a securities account (VP account). Shareholders who have their A shares trustee registered, as is the case if the shares are in a custody or ISK account,  cannot request conversion with Electrolux Professional by using this form, but must turn to their respective trustee/bank to request conversion.

The Board shall at its regular meetings consider issues regarding received requests for conversion of class A shares to class B shares. However, the Board may, if the Board finds reasons therefore, consider matters regarding conversion also at other times than those stated above. The conversion shall be submitted for registration without delay.

The conversion is effected once the registration is completed and it has been noted in the Central Securities Depository Register.

The conversion ratio for a conversion is 1:1, which means that one Class B share is received for each Class A share that is converted. Please note that shareholders who have their A shares registered by a trustee (i.e. custody or ISK) must turn to their respective trustee to request conversion.