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Developing solutions

Electrolux Professional want to set the pace in the professional food, beverage, and laundry industries, through our innovations in sustainability and energy efficiency, underpinned by a connected and digital platform to meet customer needs.

Long-term value for our customers

  • Product performance and efficiency

    We serve a wide range of customers around the world, from restaurants, hotels, and launderettes to healthcare and service facilities. Our solutions consume energy, water, and detergents and thus impact our customers and the consumers of the services they provide.

  • Material efficiency

    Our products are used frequently, either by professional businesses or as user-operated equipment in the sharing economy. Material efficiency can be increased by designing durable products. We invest in lifetime testing and quality assurance to verify that our products meet durability and reliability requirements.

  • Customer health, safety and wellbeing

    We aim to ensure customer safety and reduce risks by focusing on product safety starting from the product development phase, passing through a controlled production process, and providing a professional maintenance service.

Sustainable Food Solutions

  • Good choices for the planet

    In the food service sector the concept of sustainability extends beyond the ingredients used in preparing and cooking a meal. In the kitchen sustainability starts with the equipment used. Efficient, energy saving appliances use fewer precious resources and also help operators save on running costs.

  • Smart cooking

    Our cooking solutions include innovative technologies that save energy while providing high performances and respecting the environment.

  • Healthy and efficient

    Safety is critically important to us and our customers, as the use of our products frequently involves a mixture of water, hot surfaces, moving parts, and electricity. We aim to ensure customer safety and reduce risks by focusing on product safety through the entire product development phases.

  • Ultimate performance

    We spend high focus on develop and provide energy-efficient and low-consuming products. Reducing energy consumption and emissions from the product-use phase is beneficial for our customers’ running costs and the environment.

Sustainable Laundry Solutions

  • Effortless laundry

    We use technology and innovation to build resource-efficient products with a low environmental impact and keep customers ahead of the game in business sustainability.

  • Clean innovation

    Our Laundry solutions is the culmination of many years of innovation offering effortless laundry solutions to customers and ensuring sustainability.

  • Efficient and economical

    Detergents, chemicals, and utilities make up a large part of a commercial washing machine’s lifecycle cost.

  • Clean innovation

    lagoon® Advanced Care uses only water and biodegradable detergents to clean delicate garments that would normally require harsh dry cleaning. It preserves the environment while ensuring longer life to textiles.

Reducing our carbon footprint

Our Group´s major climate impact occurs as our products are used and consumes energy. The reduction of these emissions drives our ambitions to innovate and identify strategies to develop energy-efficient and low-consuming products.

  • in our industrial operation

    Become climate neutral 2030
  • Reduction of indirect
    use-phase emissions
    of sold products
    (target by 2030)

    - 27.5 %

Changing for the better, together

Our master brand, Electolux Professional, designs not only innovative products and solutions, but also processes and concepts. Working together we can reduce waste and improve taste.