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We want to set the pace of industry innovation in sustainability and energy efficiency, underpinned by a connected and digital platform.

One of our key competitive advantages is our focus on developing new sustainable and innovative products that cater to customers’ needs and increase customer productivity and efficiency.

Global trends impacting our industry

  • Increased demand for take-away and home-deliveries
  • Climate change and effective use of resources
  • Labor availability
  • Digitalization and artificial intelligence
  • Societal changes

Significant R&D investments

We develop new and improved products and services to add value to our customers and grow our company profitably. Our ambition is to address our customers’ increasing requirements for multi-functional products, with low running costs, and reduced energy and water consumption. The Group invests significant resources into its global R&D activities.

  • R&D investment, 2023

    SEK 388 m
  • average investment
    net sales/year


    3.7 %

Organization by Innovation HUBs


The R&D organization are specialized according to both products and missions, aiming for less mechanical and more electronic and digitally enabled appliance content. Our Competence centers are located in France, Italy, Sweden, Thailand, and the United States. Our Innovation HUBs gathers, organizes and prioritizes all innovation ideas to maximize customer and company value. With open innovation setup, we manage contacts with external stakeholders such as universities and start-ups.


Digital customer platform

A seamless, self-service, one-stop shop designed for our customers; partners and distributors can place orders for products, consumables, and spare parts, track shipments in real time, search for documentation or products, and digitally interact with us for all manner of support.

Employee Experience

With our internal Digital Ambassador Community we further drive knowledge sharing and learning within the organization. The initiative strengthens our employees ability to use new digital and AI tools.


Through OnE Connected, our customers monitor and steer their connected products, thereby maximizing uptime, improving service, and reducing the consumption of energy, water, and consumables.


The automation of our plants continues with further roll-out of a new management system and supplier portal. This will provide a common IT system for procurement, planning, and production.

Digital vision

We invest in digitalization to unlock additional customer value. Our digital offering can strengthen our market presence, and our existing customer relationships create growth opportunities.



65% of customer transactions fully digital, in 2024, and 50% of all products connected