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By clearly stating the behaviors we want to see, we drive our company identity and culture together. Our actions and decisions throughout the company should reflect and be aligned with these principles.

These are our
guiding principles

  • Be customer obsessed

    We take pride in knowing our customers’ needs first- hand and are committed to always adopting a customer-first approach to deliver value.

  • Build trust

    We seek commitment and accountability and value honesty, integrity and ownership – both in ourselves and others.

  • Be bold

    We are empowered to take action to deliver better outcomes and we welcome new perspectives and ideas and approach them with an open mind.

  • Act sustainably

    We know how our day-to-day actions can have an impact in shaping a better society. We consider the development of our people to be as important as preserving our environment and take decisions that reflect our effort to build a better future.

Electrolux Professional Group - a truly global Group

As a global group, with employees based in more than 30 countries, with jobs spanning across 18 function and 43 different job families, we offer a lot of opportunities for new experiences.

Grow together with us

At Electrolux Professional Group we’re not just about managing performance; we’re all about nurturing growth and unleashing talent. That’s why we call our process “Development Talks.” It’s not just a review; it’s a guiding hand towards unlocking your full potential. We are here to help you discover and implement development activities that align with your current role, career aspirations, and long-term success.

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A new era of work-life flexibility

We trust our team members and understand the importance of a flexible work-life balance. For those whose roles allow it, we offer the freedom to choose where you work for part of your monthly schedule. Embrace the flexibility that empowers you to thrive both personally and professionally.

Experience an engaging workplace

At Electrolux Professional Group we believe that engaged employees with a growth mindset are the driving force behind our success. That’s why we’ve cultivated an environment where your passion meets purpose. Join a team that values your contributions, encourages innovation, and fosters collaboration every step of the way.

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Embrace a diverse and Inclusive organization

Diversity is not just a buzzword for us; it’s a cornerstone of our culture. We celebrate and embrace differences in all forms because we know that diverse perspectives fuel innovation and drive business success. Our commitment to an open, fair, and inclusive workplace ensures that everyone has a seat at the table and the opportunity to thrive.

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