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Market overview

We operate in the global professional equipment industry, offering food service, beverage, and laundry products and solutions, to a wide range of customers, including companies in the global hospitality industry as well as other businesses and institutions.

Food & Beverage equipment market

2023, our own estimates

Food & Beverage
USD 31bn

USD 6bn

USD 25bn

*Own company calculations and estimates

The professional laundry equipment, global market is estimated to:

2023 markets, own company estimates

USD 2.9bn

Our industry is largely categorized by:

  • Favorable general end-market trends with multiple catalysts for structural growth
  • Product performance having a material impact on customer productivity
  • The requirement for reliable and technologically advanced products
  • Significant benefits from local presence and collaboration with customers
  • Ongoing Customer Care and support through the equipment lifecycle

Market segments and competition

We view and address the market through two main segments, commercial food and beverage equipment and commercial laundry equipment. Electrolux Professional Group is one of the leading global players in terms of sales, with a complete offering for both the food and beverage sector and the global laundry equipment market.

There are a number of large global players in these markets but in local markets we also compete with significant local players and companies focused on individual product lines.



The 6 largest professional food and beverage equipment companies

The 6 largest laundry companies

Professional Food & Beverage

The global professional Food & Beverage equipment industry, offers equipment and solutions to a wide range of customers, such as hotels, restaurants, retail points, schools and hospitals.

Key drivers are connectivity, changing consumer food habits or delivery models, new and innovative beverage trends and total cost of ownership and environmental awareness.

The largest global players in Food & Beverage are Ali Group/ Welbilt, Hoshizaki, ITW, Middleby and Rational.


Professional Laundry

Solutions designed for a range of professional users, from self-service coin-ops and the hospitality industry to healthcare providers and commercial laundries. Customers include hospital and hotel laundries, laundries in apartment buildings, and launderettes.

Market growth is driven by an increased focus on product sustainability and efficiency, energy labelling and certification requirements, good ergonomics, and the demand for innovation and connectivity for better control, flexibility, and to be able to reduce the cost of labor.

The largest global laundry players are Alliance, Girbau, Jensen,  Kannegiesser and Miele Pro.