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Molteni – a century of master craftsmanship

2023 marks the celebration of a century of master craftsmanship for Molteni, the Electrolux Professional Group brand of luxury professional stoves, used by famous Michelin chefs all over the world.

Few brands in the world of professional cooking are as respected as Molteni, part of the Electrolux Professional Group. Each Molteni stove is hand-crafted and assembled in our workshop in Saint-Vallier, in the south of France. Each bespoke stove has its own individual personality, created according to the needs and preferences of each Chef.

Molteni stoves are at the heart of many of the world’s most renowned restaurants, and a popular choice for luxury hotels globally. Many prestigious names in gastronomy – Michelin chefs – use their unique Molteni stove every day to reach their best performances.

Mr Molteni created “the dream of every great chef”

In 1923, Italy’s Joseph Molteni moved to France where he created one of the most renowned stoves in the world. Mr. Molteni´s desire was to offer a high-quality appliance for those looking for a high standard stove. For this reason, he worked on selected materials and technologies transforming his “household boiler” into a professional and everlasting range cooker. ​Molteni soon became a prestigious name among the greatest chefs in the world. ​Selected materials, a hand-crafted range, personalized and made to measure – an exclusive ambition that remains a dream for many still today. ​

Celebrating 100 years of Molteni history  

During the celebration year of 2023, all stoves produced and sold will be uniquely decorated with a dedicated knob or plaque “Molteni 1923-2023”. Molteni will also present a special section on the Molteni website, and social channel campaigns, to celebrate the event.

For more information, please contact Jacob Broberg, Chief Communication & Investor Relations Officer +46 70 190 00 33