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Non Regulatory Press releases

The corporate brand Electrolux Professional Group is introduced

To clarify the roles of Electrolux Professional as both a company, and a business brand, the corporate brand Electrolux Professional Group is being introduced. This will also support the development of our other brands.

Electrolux Professional has made several acquisitions over the last number of years, which adds new brands to the company. The Electrolux Professional brand is still the largest, but the share of other brands, such as Groen, Randell, SPM, Crathco, UNIC and Zanussi Professional, are growing within the company.

The majority of sales remain under the Electrolux Professional brand, with its integrated offer of products and services across all categories, while the other brands will add “part of Electrolux Professional Group” when needed and to support the strength of being part of a larger Group. At the same time, the introduction of the corporate brand is a way to make a distinction between the company (Electrolux Professional Group) and the main business brand (Electrolux Professional).

“Our strategy to acquire companies is adding new brands to our main brand Electrolux Professional. This has led to the natural step to add a corporate brand that will primarily be used when we communicate as a Group and when brands other than the Electrolux Professional business brand needs to clarify that they are part of Electrolux Professional Group”, says CEO Alberto Zanata.

Media contact Jacob Broberg, Chief Communication & Investor Relations Officer +46 70 190 00 33