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Automation, insourcing and digitalization: The trends set to influence the Laundry industry

Tech-led innovations are driving change and ensuring greater efficiency and sustainability.

The way businesses manage their Laundry services is changing. Both companies developing their own laundries in-house and customer-facing commercial laundries are undergoing seismic changes.

This is down to a variety of factors, from the development of exciting new technologies which are enhancing commercial Laundry machines, to changing consumer habits, as well as environmental and sustainability concerns.

Several changes will influence the future development of all areas of the commercial Laundry industry.

Automation and digitization
With the Internet of Things creating a breed of smarter, interconnected industrial Laundry machines, you can now ensure that your business is operating at its most efficient level by optimizing resources, automating processes, and enhancing productivity. It makes it easier than ever to manage tasks and larger volumes of Laundry.

Many professional Laundry services have turned to automation in a bid to reduce labor costs. It means that launderettes can be managed remotely, often cutting down on staff costs, and industrial laundries have even gone as far as introducing robotics to manage sorting and washing to drying and folding.

Software solutions
Electrolux Professional has developed a range of management systems and software intended to add value and efficiency to Laundry processes.

The Laundry Program Manager is an intuitive tool allowing you to create or customize Electrolux Professional washer or dryer programs from your PC.

Standing out for its user-friendliness, ClarusVibe simplifies laundry management for businesses around the world. The customizable control panel allows operators to directly update washing programs on-screen, ensuring an optimized wash process. ClarusVibe models come pre-loaded with relevant programs and regulations specific for industry and location, and the user interface can be displayed in up to 34 languages for a global experience.

Intelligent enhancements
With chemicals, electricity and water making up 90 percent of the costs of each appliance – as opposed to the 10 percent upfront costs – it is also possible to make cost savings for your business through the correct management of these areas.

Take intelligent dosing, for example, which comes as a standard with Electrolux Professional’s ClarusVibe models. This feature automatically delivers the right amount of detergents according to the weight of the load in the drum, as a smart and effortless way to manage the wash process.

It’s not simply about purchasing a professional washing solution, but instead selecting a comprehensive package of services and innovative benefits.

Practical payments

When it comes to coin-operated laundries, innovative tech developments are also transforming the way these businesses work, making it easier for customers to make payments.

The coin-operated Laundry business is undergoing significant growth, as well as modernization. Machines can now include coin boxes, meters or kits that combine both, in electrical or electromechanical forms. Card readers, whether to scan prepaid, keycards or bank cards, are convenient and smooth systems for payment, giving more people access to the service.

In recent years, apps have taken prominence in payment systems across the world, and it’s no different in the world of professional Laundry. You might consider using a standalone app, designed to run independently on a single machine or unit, or one that is connected to a network of existing payment systems.

A centralized payment system, connecting all your Electrolux Professional washers and dryers, is available on request. The equipment is compatible with the vast majority of globally available payment systems, enabling quick, secure and convenient transactions.

Increased efficiency
For both your business operations and sustainability reasons, efficiency plays a huge part in the technologies being developed for professional Laundry.

Maximizing efficiency is at the forefront of Electrolux Professional’s Line 6000 products, pioneering ways that your business can save on time and costs with the lowest possible water, energy, and detergent consumption.

Automatic Savings weighs up the load in the drum, smartly adjusting the water intake to the actual load. The Efficient Dosing System gives you full control over the wash process and avoids the detergent overdosing which risks damaging linens and causing skin irritation. And the Power Balance feature offers maximum dewatering and lower moisture retention in the drying process, saving you time and money.

The Line 6000 dryer range stands out for efficiency and ergonomic ease of use too. As with the washers, intelligent moisture management avoids a waste of energy, and Heat Pump technology allows for dryers to operate without an exhaust or water cooling system – all you have to do is plug and play.

Insourced laundries
Cost awareness is on the rise and companies want to have more control. To achieve this, they are considering purchasing high-performance professional laundry machines that also reduce operating costs. This would allow them to have lower “in-house” costs compared to outsourcing.

High levels of hygiene for in-house Laundry solutions are important, especially if the business is a hospital or care home. An abundance of professional-grade options means you can protect against accidental contamination. Barrier washers provide physical separation of dirty and clean Laundry zones, while technology such as the Hygiene Watchdog feature prevents accidental door openings.

A bright future
With so many technical advances, the commercial Laundry industry is undergoing huge changes. Whether it is small businesses looking to bring their Laundry services in-house with smart, connected machines or coin-operated laundries developing with card payment systems and remote management, automation and digitalization are creating opportunities for growth.

Efficiency and sustainability are the two key issues influencing Laundry industry trends, and they are inspiring innovations that can help businesses like yours work more effectively.

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