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Certified Program introduced in the Nordics – for a more sustainable future

In April 2021, Electrolux Professional certified program – a new maintenance product offer – was launched in the Nordics. Our Nordics customers can now update their installed washing machines or dryers at a fixed price with specially developed maintenance packages, selected original parts and associated service programs that provides the product with the best possible performance and service life. The aim is to protect the climate and at the same time increase value for customers.

“Our goal is to act as the most sustainable player in the industry and the launch of Certified is an important step in that process,” says Anders Hiltunen, Head of Electrolux Professional Nordic Operations. Electrolux Professional has worked with sustainability for many years and is today at the forefront when it comes to production and product development. Now the company wants to intensify the work further and therefore introduces Electrolux Professional Certified.

It is a new maintenance product in the Laundry business area, where customers will be able to update washing machines and dryers that have a few years on their hands, with new, carefully selected original parts and product-specific maintenance software that improves the performance of the product with extended service life. In addition, customers also receive a certificate that the machines are upgraded with a one-year product warranty and are given the opportunity to continue to sign an annual full-service agreement.

Certified is, in the first step, available on selected property washing models, but soon the ambition is to introduce the program in more business areas. “The goal for us is to give customers the most economical and sustainable value of their investment in original equipment. We want to simplify for our customers and provide them with energy-efficient equipment that contributes to both lower water consumption and reduced carbon dioxide emissions,” says Anders Hiltunen.

Circular model for the climate

Electrolux Professional Certified Program is one of many initiatives in the company’s climate initiative. In the future, we want to be seen as the most sustainable player in the industry and with our efforts help to contribute to achieving the global goals of the 2030 Agenda. Certified is currently targeting the Laundry business area, but the goal is that the program can be applied in more areas in the future.

“At Electrolux Professional, we believe in the transition towards a circular model with long-lasting sustainable solutions where we strive to influence the climate as little as possible. I am convinced that Certified will already be included in the development of new products and that in the future it will be much easier to upgrade installed products with original parts and unique maintenance programs. We cannot waste more on the earth’s resources, so I am extremely happy that we are taking this step,” concludes Anders Hiltunen.

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