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Electrolux Professional shifts to green gases in refrigeration solutions

Electrolux Professional is replacing Hydrofluorocarbon greenhouse gases (HFC-gases), in 18 different product families, offering solutions with more natural, climate-friendly green gas alternatives.

In May 2021, the first products using the most climate friendly CO2 natural refrigerant were launched on the market. The CO2 option is available for refrigerated cabinets, freezers, counters, Blast Chillers and several other refrigerated products.

These greener, more natural refrigerant gas alternatives are safer and offer an improved operational performance, as well as increased energy efficiency. This will contribute to a more sustainable offer for customers as well as a reduced emission impact from gases on the planet.

“It is really satisfying to see Electrolux Professional being a leader in our industry by replacing HFC gases in our products with more climate-friendly, refrigerant gases. We want to drive this change, making our customers more aware of the impact of harmful gases on our planet” says Niklas Lindsköld, Head of Sustainability at Electrolux Professional.

The professional kitchen is comprised of several different refrigerated products, which account for approximately 40 percent of the kitchen’s total energy consumption.

Therefore, the re-design of the cooling circuits in these solutions optimizes the natural gases, and as a result, an improved product performance and energy consumption in the cooling system is achieved. The new green gases have a cooling effect that is four times greater than HFCs. In addition, the insulations and foams of the new refrigerant solutions, are superior alternatives, offering greater safety and energy economics.

Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) are highly potent greenhouse gases. They are present in many commercial applications that surround us in our daily life. As these gases escape and accumulate in the atmosphere, they increasingly contribute to climate change. Switching to more climate-friendly alternatives supports Electrolux Professional’s ambition to reduce our carbon footprint.