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Electrolux Professional´s SkyLine oven supports unique safeguarding in the handling of Covid-19 test samples

In cooperation with the UK life science company BiologIC Technologies and Astra Zeneca Cambridge COVID-19 Test center, Electrolux Professional´s award winning SkyLine combi oven will be used to support a high-throughput solution for heat inactivation of COVID-19 patient samples.

“With the advanced technology of the SkyLine combi oven, we support yet another milestone in fighting the pandemic that is affecting people and businesses around the world. We are very proud to play a role in safeguarding the process of handling the COVID-19 samples, to protect all people involved in testing”, says Alberto Zanata, CEO Electrolux Professional.

The solution which uses the SkyLine combi oven increases safety for testing personnel, reduces the costs and waste associated with biocontainment infrastructure, and also opens the opportunity for further automation of the testing process to materially increase diagnostic throughput at a reduced cost. BiologIC, AstraZeneca and Electrolux Professional collaborated to combine bioscience and thermal expertise in order to rapidly innovate and industrialize a production-ready heat inactivation solution in a safety-critical process.

Richard Vellacott, CEO of BiologIC Technologies, comment: “Combined with vaccines, diagnostic testing will be critical to re-mobilising our communities, particularly as new strains of COVID-19 continue to evolve. We look forward to supporting more labs around the world in implementing this solution, using BiologIC’s Industry 4.0 life science expertise with the SkyLine oven from Electrolux Professional”.


SkyLine combi ovens from Electrolux Professional

Smart technology and human-centred design, the SkyLine Combi Ovens are made to deliver outstanding performance, characterized by reduced running costs and designed with the operator in mind in terms of better ergonomics and usability.

BiologIC Technologies

BiologIC’s vision is to integrate Industry 4.0 technologies to power a bio revolution that solves enormous challenges faced by humanity (feeding 9.8 billion people by 2050, reversing climate change and mitigating the threat of diseases) in an environmentally sustainable, economically accessible way. Read more:

AstraZeneca Cambridge COVID-19 test centre

Established by AstraZeneca, the University of Cambridge and GlaxoSmithKline, and subsequently partnering with Charles River Laboratories, is part of the UK Government Lighthouse Laboratory programme for population-wide diagnostic testing.


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