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Five trends that will shape the self-service laundry business

Discover how self-services are working to improve customer service, sustainability, and efficiency for customers.
In any industry evolution is key, and the laundromat business is no different. The transformation of customer expectations and significant technological advancements in recent years have resulted in modern laundromats being vastly different from the traditional establishments of the past.

With a strong focus on hygiene, speed, sustainability, and efficiency, as well as increased attention to customer service, today’s self-service laundry solutions are true innovators.

From washers that work 50 percent faster than standard domestic machines to disinfection programs that minimize customer concerns about hygiene, here are the five key trends shaping the future of self-service laundry.

Moving hygiene to the forefront
With consumers more focused on hygiene quality, the self-laundry business has worked to deliver more exacting standards.

One key way to achieve this is through the use of innovative equipment, with modern machines made to maintain pristine levels of hygiene.

Our machines are manufactured from an easy-to-clean stainless steel, making deep cleans and disinfecting a breeze. They also offer a wide variety of disinfection programs for users.

Other technological innovations offer a more hygienic approach, such as moving beyond the coin and integrating touchless payment technology.

Leaning to green
At Electrolux Professional Group, we’re committed to being at the cutting edge of sustainable self-service laundry. It’s not just us, however, as the industry at large is developing a stronger focus on sustainability and developing ways to reduce its impact on the environment.

For the self-service laundry industry, increased sustainability means using less water, less energy, and less harmful chemicals, while making sure the cleaning process is even more efficient and effective.

This is achieved through newer energy-efficient green laundry machines that integrate water-saving technology, as well as giving customers flexibility when it comes to cycle choices.

Embracing automation
For modern businesses, embracing automation is a crucial way to streamline processes and boost efficiency.

There is a growing trend towards smart commercial laundry solutions that utilize Internet of Things (IoT) technology to predict maintenance issues, reorder supplies and act as an all-encompassing laundry management system. They can collect and analyze data too, leading to unprecedented levels of efficiency.

Using eco-friendly detergent
Hygiene meets sustainability in one of the industry’s biggest new trends. Increasingly, laundry detergents are rejecting harmful chemicals in favor of plant-based, biodegradable ingredients. These are kinder to clothes as well as less harmful to our water supplies and environment in general, while helping to conserve natural resources.

There are multiple certifications that consumers can now use to identify detergents that are helping support sustainability. The European Ecolabel outlines strict requirements on raw materials, performance, and environmentally friendly practices, while many consumers also look for fragrance-free, hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested labels.

Finally, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel is another third-party certification that demands high environmental and climate requirements. At Electrolux Professional Group, we’re proud to produce a wide range of highly effective, eco-friendly detergents for our Line 6000 range that achieve all these certifications.

Putting customers first
Today’s customers are more discerning. They expect a quality, seamless service with minimal problems. Simply put, a laundry business that meets the needs of the modern customer will succeed. Those that don’t, will be left behind.

When it comes to a self-service laundry, the simple things count. Customers value quick service, so offering contactless payment is key. And despite the role of technology, digital customer service can’t entirely replace the human element. Having a member of staff on hand to help, particularly during evenings, brings extra peace of mind and builds connections with customers.

Finally, they’re also looking for efficiency from the machines, so they can get the job done quicker. Our Electrolux Professional self-service laundry solutions operate in record time, using best-in-class dewatering to help the drying and ironing phases.

In the ever-changing laundry industry, keeping up with emerging trends is key. The best laundromats are developing fast, integrating new technologies and simple commercial laundry solutions to take profits and sustainability to a new level.

By investing in smart, sustainable choices for your self-service laundry business, you can ensure you boost efficiency and sustainability, while increasing profits and offering your customers a seamless experience.