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GourmeXpress, the High Speed Oven, wins Grands Prix Du Design 2023

New, easy-to-use, table-top High Speed Oven can now add a Grands Prix Du Design gold award to its menu of merits.

The GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN Awards is a globally renowned competition that recognizes and honors the exceptional skills and creativity of individuals and companies in the field of design.It established in 2007 in Montréal with the primary goal of acknowledging the excellence of designers and architects from Québec who have demonstrated exemplary practices. In 2020, the competition expanded its scope to welcome participants from around the world.

Since GourmeXpress – the High Speed Oven was presented at the Internorga trade show in Germany in March, existing customers are being targeted with a complete solution in high-speed cooking, along with sister product SpeeDelight.

Quick and consistent cooking results in a small footprint – that’s the beauty of the GourmeXpress launched this year to boost Electrolux Professional’s strategic bid to expand in food service chains. But it’s the perfect solution for every food store in railway stations, airports, service stations, and shopping malls as well as in hotels for breakfast or room service.

“A large SpeeDelight’s customer has stated its preference for GourmeXpress” says Riccardo Sartor, Category Director Hot, BA Food Europe.

Its lower energy consumption and usability makes it more appealing. The bar code reader, for example, enabling operators to simply and efficiently scan the product to access the right cooking program and eliminate mistakes.

Given the front-of-house location of the GourmeXpress, an aesthetically pleasing design goes hand-in-hand with functional features. Mission completed from Electrolux Professional design experts, who have recently been rewarded with a gold award from Grands Prix Du Design, an international and well-respected competition.

“Somehow it is part of the interior design of the store. So, the design needs to be simple, clean, well-integrated and easy to customize, not too much of a protagonist, while at the same time not overly industrial looking,” explains Michele Cadamuro, Head of Experience Design & Innovation.

“The task was not easy and the team did a great job with the product design differentiating it from competition.”

GourmeXpress was designed with the aim of obtaining an aesthetic impact that can be adapted to different environments.

“The shapes and lines communicate the solidity and compactness of the product, but at the same time the finishes elevate the feeling of minimalism and modernity,” adds Leandro Lapietra, Product Designer Hot & Cold Category.

“The full-width glass panel and the tubular steel handle also enhance fundamental elements, such as ease of cleaning and ergonomics, which respond to user needs in an approach focused on human centric design.”