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The Professionals: Sharon Jabbour

sharon2-e1701183578893Sharon found a passion for providing great customer service in her first job, which has driven a career in global companies across various industries. She’s close to completing her first year at Electrolux Professional.

We’re all customers essentially so try putting yourself in the customer’s shoes! That’s Sharon’s key go-to in delivering first-class customer service along with listening to and understanding their core needs.

Based in our Scoresby office, on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia, Sharon joined Electrolux Professional in early 2023 and brings a wealth of customer service experience, having worked in the material handling equipment and automotive industries. Her career ambitions at school were somewhat different, having dreamed of becoming a lawyer. Her first job after studies, however, changed that and there she found her calling for customer service. After rising to the challenge of building a team and growing the business, the satisfaction of success was her motivation to continue on that path where she’s never looked back.

You’re our Customer Care Manager for Oceania – what does that job title truly entail?

Managing the multi-faceted responsibilities of a customer care or customer service department is a diverse role that plays a critical part within the organization. The position involves a broad spectrum of tasks aimed at guaranteeing that customers and partners receive top-tier support and service, ultimately resulting in a positive customer experience.

It encompasses responsibilities such as team management, process enhancement, diligent monitoring and reporting, conflict resolution, continuous training and development, cost control measures, and the overarching objective of enhancing customer satisfaction.

What route did you take in terms of studies and jobs to where you are today?

I’ve pursued a multitude of courses in customer service, operations, and business management, which resulted in attaining an Associate’s degree in Business Management.

What do you love about the role?

The chance to create a positive impact. I have the privilege of collaborating with a dedicated and like-minded team of individuals, which is truly inspiring. In essence, I’m drawn to the diverse aspects of my role and how it influences the customers, the team, and the organization as a whole. It’s a role that not only allows me to continuously learn and develop but also enables me to actively contribute to the success of the company.

And, on the other hand, what are the biggest challenges?

A substantial challenge is staying current with evolving customer service technologies and strategies, as the field is constantly changing. Lastly, balancing the need for exceptional service with cost control is an ongoing challenge, as we aim to provide top-tier support while managing the budget effectively.

sharon1What advice would you give to people wanting to work in a position like yours?

Firstly, it requires both intellectual and emotional intelligence, which assists with developing strong interpersonal and communication skills. Building and maintaining positive relationships with customers, as well as managing a team effectively, relies heavily on clear and empathetic communication. Additionally, be prepared for a dynamic and fast-paced environment.

Stay adaptable, open to change, and committed to ongoing learning, as customer service is constantly evolving. Developing problem-solving abilities, a customer-centric mindset, and a keen eye for process optimisation will serve you well. Lastly, focus on building a collaborative and supportive team, as they are your greatest asset in delivering exceptional service. Embrace challenges as opportunities grow, and always keep the customer’s satisfaction at the forefront of your efforts.

Why choose to work at Electrolux Professional Group?

Because of its reputation as a global leader in innovative and sustainable solutions within the professional kitchen and laundry industries. I am excited about the prospect of being part of a company that values innovation, sustainability, and a customer-centric approach, and I look forward to contributing my skills and passion to further enhance Electrolux Professional’s position as an industry leader.

Check out our global career site, if you aspire to pursue a career similar to Sharon‘s.