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The Professionals: Claudia Plozner

claudia-plozner-1With the typical lightness of youth but with the firm will to assert herself in her career, Electrolux Professional has set the stage for Claudia to realize her ambitions over the past 30+ years.

Now, she is leading the Experience Centers – a job she finds both exciting and challenging.

Tell us briefly about your career at Electrolux Professional?

I started back in the early nineties as the personal assistant to the President of Zanussi, before it was acquired by Electrolux Professional.

I’ve stayed with Professional since I’ve been able to thrive here and find new challenges, working in Sales & Marketing and spending many years with Customer Care. That lead me to where I am today. So, it’s now been over 30 years with the same company – and some may think that’s boring – but I’ve really been able to grow and develop. I enjoyed my work and the people around me and that’s why I’ve stayed.

What do you love most about your job?

It’s the role of our Centers of Excellence to truly deliver an outstanding experience that contributes positively to the business, showcasing the best of our products and solutions, to our visitors.

We have over 26 sites globally, which are designed to offer a complete and customized experience, equipped with the most innovative solutions. I regularly liaise with the local Center of Excellence managers to stay in touch, exchange experiences and to ensure consistency with the central issued governance.

It’s our responsibility to transform each visit into a productive and memorable event. Even before our customers arrive, we explore their interests and provide an environment to stimulate their curiosity, triggering a relationship of mutual trust.

We’re not only here to showcase our products but we want to add a personal touch and ensure our visitors get a great impression of the people that make our company.

claudia4-1What’s sticks out about the working culture at Professional?

There are consistent interactions with people from all geographies and cultures. My parents are Italian, but I was born and grew up in Germany’s Black Forest. We moved back to Italy when I was 15 and that’s where I lived ever since. I have been lucky to be able to visit many countries for both professional and personal reasons.

My personal heritage, my attitude and my work experience have greatly broadened my cross-cultural understanding.

What gives you energy and keeps you passionate?

The many little moments of success that happens when you deliver a special experience or when a project is rewarded with recognition. For example, when we won a company-wide award for Customer Care in 2019 or when I was appointed Experience Centers Manager.

Although I have worked at the company for many years, I’m still experiencing the enthusiasm of being a newcomer. In my career, there have been many changes in terms of innovation and evolution of the management and working style. I still feel challenged, motivated and energized every day because I find those changes and new stages, enriching.

How do you like our Guiding Principles and – if you could pick a favorite – what would it be?

I like them because they are pragmatic, I share their value and they clarify the direction we must go. If I was to highlight one in particular it would be ‘Be Customer Obsessed’ since I work every day to create better experiences for customers.

Real, consistent interaction with customers is what engages them, and I aim to ensure every customer feels special when they enter our Centers of Excellence.

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