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The Professionals: David Mantini

Managing big-scale projects – that’s David’s daily work.
We’re talking overseeing the construction sites of massive laundry projects and the likes of Ecole Ducasse – the prestigious culinary arts campus – in France.

96379bd7-321b-4cbd-b0fe-765cc37d41ae-1Based in Saint Denis, just outside Paris, he’s an avid archaeology enthusiast that spent a decade working in the architectural field before joining Electrolux Professional in 2004.

He has since managed numerous major projects across both food and laundry, fulfilling his desire for a career shift and relishes the different challenges every new project brings.

Tell us more about your career prior to and since joining the company?

I worked for 10 years in various architectural offices, specializing in industrial buildings – very technical buildings. What appealed to me about Electrolux Professional was discovering a new world with new techniques and a desire for change and a new challenge.

The company was looking for someone with building expertise to manage construction sites of large laundry production units for hospital groups in France. I joined in 2004, heading up major projects and was responsible for managing the internal design office. In 2013, I also became responsible for food service projects in Europe.

You’ve worked outside of your native France on projects too – how was that experience?

Yes, two major hotel projects in Setif, Algeria and Algiers were memorable – the richness of human contact and a new way of understanding were valuable learnings.

What are you most proud of during your career at Electrolux Professional?

The list is long but I would pick out the completion of the EATALY restaurants and Ecole Ducasse a showcase of our food service expertise in France. It’s the satisfaction of a new achievement, the work done and the final result – satisfying the customer who trusted us. Each new project is a new adventure where you have to invest 100% to achieve customer satisfaction and brand recognition – that’s a job well done.

And you’re secret to maintaining that 100% energy in each new project?

I’d say genuine motivation and passion for my work. And being curious – nothing is acquired, you have to be willing and know how to learn new things, not simply relying on your current experience and know-how.


Which of our four Guiding Principles do you resonate with most?

‘Customer Obsession’ – the end customer continuously engages us in new challenges and that’s the engine of our growth.

Away from work you have a passion for archaeology, which also relates to you your job – tell us more!

I’m intrigued by the life and work of Jean-François Champollion, known for being the decipherer of Egyptian hieroglyphs after 23 years of perseverance and a founding figure in the field of Egyptology. Also, the ingenuity of the ancient people of Egypt, the colossal monuments they were able to build, which still raises the question of how they were able to do it? In our time, this civilisation is still asking us questions, despite our technological advancements over them.

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