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The Professionals: Elisabeth Bottos

Within the dynamic landscape of safety standards and chemical regulations, our expert Chemical Management Engineer acts as a guardian for safety and compliance. In this interview, she offers insights into the adherence to regulatory frameworks, and how critical they are to safeguard both human and environmental health. 

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Over the course of her 12 years at Electrolux Professional Group, Elisabeth has traversed various roles within Research and Development, honing her expertise in safety-related projects. Now, she oversees the chemical compliance of all products sold by the Electrolux Professional Group, a role that takes on added significance, especially in the foodservice and  professional laundry industry where adherence to hygiene and food safety regulations are essential. 

You’re a Chemical Management Engineer – what does that job entail? Tell us more about what you do!

A Chemical Management Engineer typically works in industries where chemicals play an important role, such as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, or

 environmental engineering. In our company, my primary responsibility is to ensure the chemical compliance of all the products we sell across the Electrolux

 Professional Group. That also means ensuring I’m updated with the latest laws and regulations, to ensure our compliance with the industry standards governing the use of chemicals. But there are so many more aspects to the role! Especially within the foodservice and professional laundry industry, since we work with the highest standards in terms of hygiene and food safety regulations. From obtaining conformity to REACH, RoHS, and food contact regulations, which demonstrates our compliance both to customers as well as during inspections, to training and educating our colleagues on regulatory requirements, it’s certainly a wide-ranging role!   


What route did you take in terms of studies and jobsto where you are today? 

I studied as an Industrial Management Engineer and joined Electrolux Professional Group after earning my degree – literally just a few days after my graduation! First, as an intern within the Process Engineering office, then as Product Development Process Support within the Quality team. That was almost 12 years ago. Since then, I’ve worked in several different roles within the R&D department, mostly following projects related to safety, including the electrical safety of our laboratory in Italy. Three years ago, I had the opportunity to join the Product Compliance team– and it’s been a rewarding journey ever since! 

What do you love about the role? 

What I enjoy most about my role is the breadth and diversity! Not only does it allow me to work with different departments across the company, but it also deals with a lot of topics that make us come together as a Group – like sustainability, for instance. 

Chemical compliance is closely linked with sustainability. We make sure our products and components do not contain substances that are harmful to both people and the environment, whether it’s during disposal or food contact. We also work with helping to assess our environmental impact though our production life cycle analysis. The work that goes behind evaluating and demonstrating our claims with facts and figures is something that unites many of us working with sustainability throughout the company.  

And, on the other hand, what are the biggest challenges? 

Keeping up to date with the constantly evolving regulatory landscape around chemical compliance can be quite challenging. Especially in Europe, where regulations are released on a regular basis, so it requires thorough understanding and attention to detail to be ready and to put in place the right procedures for compliance, according to the various local, national, and international regulations.  

What advice would you give to people wanting to work in a position like yours? 

The Chemical Management Engineer role has a lot to offer, not just in terms of intellectual stimulation, but it also comes with the satisfaction of knowing that you are making a meaningful contribution to society and to the environment. My advice to those who are looking to pursue this as a career, would be to continuously seek out the collaboration of others: we often work as part of interdisciplinary teams, collaborating with other engineers, scientists, regulatory experts, and management professionals. This ability to foster a collaborative work environment with a fruitful exchange of ideas can be a personally rewarding experience. 

Also making sure that proper time is devoted to pursuing further education, certifications, or specialized training is extremely important to anyone looking to enhance their skills in the field and expand their career opportunities.  

How would you like to develop further in your role or potentially do something completely different? 

I used to be on the ‘customer’ side years ago when I owned my own pub. Being a registered sommelier with the AIS (the Italian Sommelier association), I got a unique perspective into the world of professional cooking and wine. It’s always been a fascination of mine. I’d rather spend on a dinner at a particular restaurant because to me, it’s more than just a meal—it’s a journey, a cultural experience, a chance to grow and learn. But if I were to dive back into that world, I’d lean towards managing instead of owning, this time around! 

Tell us about your experience of working in a multinational environment and the opportunities that exist within the company? 

One of the aspects I love most about my job is the chance to collaborate with diverse teams and learn all about our products. It’s a constant reminder of the size and complexity of what we do, and it fills me with pride to be a part of it. 


Why choose to work at Electrolux Professional Group? 

It’s a very long list of reasons why, but first of all it’s the ability to grow and evolve in your role every single day. Plus, being part of such a well-structed company means you have the flexibility to shape your own work and switch things up if you ever feel the need for a change. It’s like having the best of both worlds!

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