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The Professionals: Swapnil Choudhari

swapnil4Leading the quest to make Quality an everyday habit across our products and services, he’s a believer in challenging the status quo, doing things differently and being bold.

He took up the role of Vice President, Quality, in May 2021 after a long and distinguished career in R&D that began in his native India before moving to Thailand and landing in Sweden.

Professionally, he’s come full circle as a 20-something who took up a scholarship in Japan where he studied Quality Assurance. Now he’s bringing that knowledge as well as career experience gained en route to his current role.

Your career has taken you across countries and continents; what are your biggest learnings?

There is always a different way of doing things and success lies in recognizing and adopting that. Different perspectives broaden our views and enrich our experiences. In this way, we grow together personally and professionally.

Celebrating our differences while we explore shared interests not only helps us to unite but also gives us a tremendous opportunity to learn. I was exposed to this as a child; moving around India frequently due to my father’s job and adapting to new environments, almost starting from scratch each time was a new learning opportunity, adapting to new cities and meeting new friends. I think this experience has helped as I have travelled with my job.

swapnil2What are you most proud of?

Professionally, the way in which I can contribute to the company’s growth, building teams and creating strong leadership to propel us further. Personally, my family’s support in moving abroad, especially my wife Megha, who adjusted her career. Hats off to my daughters who have also adjusted to new environments, cultures, schools and friends, challenging their comfort zone.

What conditions are most effective for your learning and development?

Curiosity and an observant mind. I constantly challenge the status quo, ask questions and learn by doing things differently. That means learning from colleagues, team members, manager, family, and friends. At times wrong and failed decisions have been a vital source of learning and development, thanks to my curiosity and an open mind.

What advice would you give to young managers?

The world is full of opportunities. Grab everyone of them and remember: no matter what the challenge, we either win or learn. There is no failure. Coach yourself and others to build trust, encourage curiosity and innovation and grow together. Listen, propose new ideas, approaches, and solutions to both long and short-term business issues. Believe in yourself.

If you were to pick a famous role model, who would it be?

Being from a cricket-crazy country, I admire Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s journey from small-town boy to captaining the Indian cricket team. His ability to handle tense situations without losing his calm and emerging with triumph has always fascinated me. I keep practicing his ability to convert every lost game into a new learning opportunity in my professional life.

For external: Electrolux Professional launched its new Guiding Principles earlier in 2021: be bold, build trust, be customer obsessed and act sustainably – which speaks loudest to you?

That’s not easy as they go hand-in-hand. They are the beliefs and when we believe in something, we achieve it. Practicing the Guiding Principles generates an environment of inclusiveness and inspires everyone to work towards meaningful desired outcomes.

If I had to pick one it would be ‘Be Bold’. It welcomes new perspectives, ideas and empowers us to take risks. Since we launched the principles I have seen silos decimating and collaborative culture is being nurtured. We are on the right path.

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