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The Professionals: Tabea Osthaus

Based in Solingen, Germany, which is home to our Schneidereit business, she oversees development of the laundry rental business – a role Tabea has grown into and is relishing.

tabea4-1Tabea joined the company in early 2019 – a year after Schneidereit was acquired – which added a new functional sales dimension for professional laundry equipment.

Her role gives her the opportunity that she enjoys to network with Electrolux Professional Group colleagues globally.

When she’s not on the road, however, she’s happy to be in the office where working days are accompanied by the soothing snores of a canine colleague – the sleepy office dog Pauli.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your career to date?

I joined the company in 2019 after having previously worked as a strategic consultant. Initially, I started as an executive assistant and project manager but took up my current role last year.

What I love about the job is getting to network with and support colleagues around the world.

Outside of work I am a passionate runner, keen skier and enjoy baking. I am a proud mother of a fun, 3-year-old son and also love to travel – a city person that loves the seaside too.

You’ re a keen traveller and studied in the US – what are your biggest learnings from that experience?

Yes, I completed my entire degree in Tennessee and prior to that I left my hometown Frankfurt to study International Business Management in Bremen, Germany.

I’d love to get the chance once again to move abroad – for work – although my role today does involve a bit of travel, most recently in Scandinavia. So, I’ve been learning some Norwegian, just to show interest in the local language and know a few phrases to converse. Wherever I travel, I always try to learn a bit of the language and it’s always appreciated.

tabea1What are you most proud of?

In 2018 I ran the Berlin Marathon (in 3 hours, 58 minutes). I had enjoyed running for quite some time but it really caught on when I started to do some races and, from there, get into a training plan. After managing to secure a marathon place, I went for it and it was an amazing experience – fulfilling to see how the time and effort pays off – but it was tough at the same time.

What gives you energy and keeps you passionate in your job?

My co-workers! Being part of a good team, achieving challenging goals and problem-solving together, motivating each other or just being a sparring partner and listening to a problem I have never been confronted with myself.

I also have to mention here our very sleepy office dog Pauli, owned by one of our colleagues. As a rescue dog, he was initially allowed to come into the office short-term, but since he’s so well behaved, he’s become a permanent ‘co-worker’ and I can concentrate perfectly with his soft snoring in the background.

tabea2Which of our four Guiding Principles do you resonate with most?

Act Sustainably, which I feel is easy to integrate into our work life. As part of my job, I lead a small team handling the company fleet in Germany and Austria – a responsibility I held in my previous role that I didn’t want to let go – and we have increased the percentage of electric cars as far as possible.

Within my functional sales responsibilities, I try to establish the refurbishment of washing machines as soon as possible, too. Not only is it super sustainable but it also is a great way to deliver profit.

What changes have you seen in yourself and colleagues since the Guiding Principles were introduced?

We are empowered to ‘Be Bold’: take risks, get out of our comfort zone and take on new challenges.

Being bold sometime feels very difficult within the structure of such a large company and I’d love to see more role models. I try to incorporate this principle into small, daily actions and bring our local ‘just do it’ spirit to the broader company.

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